Hello! My name is Laureanne

Capturing emotions

through my lens

Your wedding only happens once in a lifetime. All your laughter, tears, and overjoyed emotion deserves to be elegantly captured.

hello beautiful!

"Take my hand. Take my Whole Life too. For I can't Help Falling in love with you."

My name is Laureanne. I love Reese's chocolates and Forensic Documentaries. When I am not photographing, you will often see me at Trader Joes buying stuff I don't need. On my lazy days, I nerd out staying at home watching anime or playing my Nintendo Switch.

Wedding photography became my passion when I found out that my grandma and grandpa didn't have any photos during their wedding back in the 60's. My grandmother would always tell me about their love story, but I would have really loved to visually see what they wore, how they looked, and of course, all their emotion during their big day.

My main goal is to capture moments in your wedding that you can show your future children, grandchildren , and the other generations to follow. And of course, photos that you and your significant other will look back on for the rest of your life.


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